Come see for yourself - it is truly amazing
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Crystal Blue Pool
Your very own Balcony
Cozy Fire  in the Bar
Just the right place to cool off before going for a meal at one of Knysna's many splendid restaurants
Relax, put your feet up and sip a glass of crisp, ice cold white wine after a long day in the sun
Visit Danny, our barman,  for a taste of his signature shooter - The Township Toilet....  tastes a whole lot better than it sounds!
  1. Gray Street
    Gray Street
    Front entrance Gray Street
  2. Front Garden
    Front Garden
    Gray Street Foyer view
  3. Yellowwood Arch
    Yellowwood Arch
    Back entrance from parking area
  4. The elusive >>>>>
    The elusive >>>>>
    Knysna Elephant .....there is one at the Knysna Log-Inn...
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Enjoy the relaxing bubbles in the Jacuzzi - sipping an ice cold cocktail
Let the soothing heat of the Sauna relax your muscles after a long day of exploring.
Knysna.... THE place to be....